A WOMAN who hit another vehicle several times in a car park and drove off despite a witness trying to stop her has appeared in court.

Susan Ann House, aged 63, damaged a Ford Mondeo and left the scene while its driver was busy in York city centre, said Sam Law, prosecuting.

Police later found House at her Gilling East home near Helmsley.

Another driver reported seeing House driving a Landrover Freelander out of its parking place in Castle car park on Friday, January 3, at about 3pm.

“He watched as it reversed out and hit a Ford Mondeo several times that was in the parking bay opposite,” said the prosecutor at York Magistrates’ Court.

The witness got out of his vehicle to tell her what she had done, but although she responded, she then pulled forward and drove away, the court heard.

He took her registration number and left it on the windscreen of the Ford Mondeo, which had been dented in the incident, said Ms Law.

House, who is retired, pleaded guilty to careless driving, failing to stop and failing to report an accident.

She was ordered to pay £663 including a £525 fine, a £53 statutory surcharge and £85 prosecution costs.

The defendant was also given eight penalty points.

The court heard she already has three on her licence from a speeding offence in July 2012.

House told the court: “I was aware, I think, I nudged the car, like you had opened a car door and hit a car door.

“I can’t recall this man actually telling me I had hit the car, but he must have done so.

“If I had hit a car and done any damage I certainly would have stopped.

“I would never have driven away.

I have never, ever, previously in my life driven away from the scene of an accident.

“I am very sorry for the damage I caused to the car and I am pleased the insurance company has now dealt with the damage.”