The male grooming market is preparing to be conquered by the manly sweat of the Vikings - thanks to York experts.

A body spray based on mead, gore, roasting meat, ocean spray and smoke from burning villages is being tested by Visit York over the weekend.

The tourism agency teamed up scent experts from the Jorvik Viking Centre to create the spray using chemicals to mimic the smells.

Michelle Brown, marketing manager of Visit York, said: “Historical research indicates that the Vikings were quite particular about personal hygiene, especially when compared to the Anglo Saxons."

Those interested in smelling Norse Power will need to head to the Visit York Visitor Centre, 1 Museum Street on Saturday and Sunday.

Couples can test the body spray out on their partners to see which they prefer: their usual 21st century aftershave aromas or the smells of the Viking era.

Customer feedback will help determine whether they scent should become available to buy.