A THOUSAND year old gold ring which turned up mysteriously on a York building site 80 years will be on public display tomorrow.

The Fishergate Ring will be at the Novotel from 2.30-4pm giving visitors a rare chance to see and handle the ornately decorated artefact.

The ring was found Redfearn Glassworks site in Fishergate around 1930, and was given to the Yorkshire Museum in 1951 by Constance and Kathleen Terry on behalf of Henry Earnest Leetham JP.

The elaborately decorated ring was found on a skeleton near where the Novotel and Fewster way now stand, and although mystery surrounds its past, it is thought to have belonged to a rich and powerful figure in the area.

The museum and Fishergate, Fulford and Heslington Local History Society have arranged to bring it back to area to give local school children and residents their first ever opportunity to handle the ring.

Experts will be on hand on Sunday to talk about the ring and organisers are hoping to hear from anyone who worked at the Glassworks and can remember it being found.