SEVEN former pupils of a York secondary school enjoyed it so much that they have all gone back to work there.

Manor CE Academy now boasts seven teachers and support staff who were once students at the school.

Brian Crosby, principal, said: "This kind of déjà vu experience happens occasionally, but it’s unusual for there to be such a high number of staff who are former students at any one time. It’s testimony to Manor that they wanted to come back.”

The seven are Melanie Fox, Mark Willoughby, Sean Rescorle, Kevin Church, David Cockerill, Sam Ross and Katie Forrester – pictured holding photographs of their younger selves.

“I always aspired to be where the teachers that had inspired me were – at Manor,” said Mrs Fox. “I loved the values.”

Mr Cockerill originally trained as a primary school teaching assistant but was tipped off when a job opportunity came up from his friend and now colleague Kevin Church.

“I knew what it was going to be like here and it’s working out really well. I love every second,” he said.

Mr Church admitted he didn’t think he would end up back at Manor, but a vacancy became available and he was happy when he got the job.

Miss Forrester left Manor in 2008 and took a degree in religious education. “The ethos feels right for me,” she said. “It also feels like I never left!”

“Coming back here, I felt I was repaying the faith my teachers had in me,” said Mr Willoughby.

“Other schools just didn’t feel like home,” said Mr Rescorle. “Manor is ideal – just where I want to teach,” he said.

Mr Ross did some volunteering at Manor and worked at other secondary schools. “Mr Crosby said he would keep in touch and then two years ago he called and told me there was a job opportunity. I haven’t looked back,” he said.