THE farmer who suffered life-changing injuries when he became trapped in a potato harvester last October told his story on (April 14) yesterday’s Helicopter Heroes on BBC1.

As previously reported in The Press, Darren Taylor, 44, from Glebe Farm, at Bolton Percy, suffered extensive injuries to both his legs and left arm when he became caught in the machine during work one morning last October.

Darren’s story was shown in three segments parts throughout the duration of the show, taking viewers from the start of the accident to his rescue and then to his recovery in Leeds General Infirmary.

After several weeks in hospital Darren told the show what he thought of his injuries.

He said: “I’ve got no elbow and my hand isn’t working yet. I’ve lost my left leg and right leg.

“Obviously I don’t like it, they’re not going to grow back.”

But the saddening realisation of his injuries was immediately followed by an optimistic outlook on his future.

Darren said: “I want to be back on the tractor in April if I can.”

A paramedic present at the scene said how it was sad to see a 44-year-old suffer from such life-changing injuries as Darren’s. He said: “It’s shocking, really, but these things happen.”

As well as a large team of firefighters and paramedics being visible at the scene, a number of specialist engineers from Grimme UK in Dunnington also came to Darren’s rescue.

The engineers from Grimme UK helped free Darren by dismantling the machinery in only an hour. Usually the job would take three.

The engineers visited Darren in hospital and he thanked them for helping save his life.

They are now said to be helping educate firefighters in dealing with accidents like Darren’s.

His story will be featured again on Countryfile on Sunday.