TWO people have been left with painful facial injuries after mystery incidents in Selby.

A woman in her fifties and a man in his 20s both had to be hospitalised after they were found in the street with serious injuries in the early hours over the last month, but neither can remember what happened to them.

The woman was found on Millgate between 1.30am and 5am on Sunday, March 2, and was taken to York Hospital with a fractured eye socket and cuts on her face.

A week later the man, who was walking home from the Riverside pub just after 2am on Saturday, March 8, got similar injuries nearby on Millgate, close to the mini roundabout with Bondgate.

He was taken to hospital with a fractured jaw and a cracked eye socket, and needed stitches to heal cuts on his face.

Now police are trying to find out if the two victims were assaulted or fell over, and want witnesses to come forward.

Detective Sergeant Stuart Barnett said: “At this stage it is not known how the victims sustained their injuries although there are similarities between the two incidents.

“Both victims were injured in the same area of town, at a similar time of day, although six days apart. And both victims have suffered similar injuries to the right hand side of their face.

“We are investigating all possible scenarios including whether they have fallen and sustained their injuries, or if it something more sinister.”