A MOTORIST has three criminal convictions and five points on her licence because she hit another car waiting to turn out of a junction, drove off and failed to report an accident.

Kathy Turnbull, prosecuting, said the driver of a maroon car waiting to turn right out of Park Grove into Huntington Road felt it move and heard a crunch as Natasha Sarah- Jane Thomas’ blue hatchback struck it on December 15.

Despite him waving at her to stop, she drove off. But he took her registration number and contacted police.

Thomas, 38, of Monkton Road, York, pleaded guilty to careless driving, failure to stop and failure to report an accident.

She was fined £130, plus £85 prosecution costs and a £20 statutory surcharge.

Thomas said she had believed it was only a gentle “bumper to bumper” collision.

She hadn’t been able to stop because the road was going uphill and there were parked cars, and afterwards Christmas preparations put it to the back of her mind.

“The other driver had not been waving at her, she said.

“She has ME and lives on benefits and an occupational pension.”