CITY of York Council is due to exceed its health budget by £1.579 million this year.

A higher demand than expected for adult social care means the council is due to spend three per cent more than its total health and wellbeing budget of £51,986,000.

More people than expected have needed nursing care, amounting to £329,000, and external placements for emergency or short -term breaks, amounting to £219,000.

Meanwhile, more people than expected - 290 compared to 273 - have taken up direct payments to give people control of their own care budget, which has amounted to £227,000.

Paul Edmondson-Jones, director of health and wellbeing at City of York Council, said: “Adult Social Services budgets in York, are under significant pressure. This is partly as a result of an ageing population in the city, more young people with complex needs surviving into adulthood.”

He said they were working to find efficiency twhile providing a good service Another overspend includes £190,000 in the homecare budget.

The adult assessment and safeguarding and adult commissioning, provision and modernisation budgets are expected to go over budget by £1.979 million, however a Public Health grant surplus of £400,000 will offset overspends in adult social care, the report due to be presented to councillors tonight notes.

The council hopes to reduce spending for the rest of the financial year and cut costs through strategies including integrating services and reviewing ways to reducing cost.