A SERIES of safety improvements – including a new crossing, the relocation of a bus stop and a 20mph zone – is being proposed for University Road in York.

Cabinet member Coun Dave Merrett is being asked to approve the City of York Council scheme in principle at a decision session next week.

The scheme will be part-funded by the University of York and the council, with the former contributing approximately £150,000 towards off-highway works and the latter allocating £175,000 for the cycle route, although a recent estimate predicts that the scheme is more likely to cost in the region of £230,000.

The proposals include the relocation of an eastbound bus stop to a position closer to the Morrell Way junction, the introduction of a 20mph speed limit with associated traffic calming -– speed tables and speed cushions – the provision of new traffic islands and work to remove existing steps to the library and provide new stepped accesses.

There is also a longer term plan to create an off-road, shared-use pedestrian/cycle route alongside University Road between Green Dykes Lane and Innovation Way.

If the latest proposals are approved in principle by Coun Merrett, the university’s student union and Heslington Parish Council will be consulted.

To view a copy of the report, or to attend the meeting visit democracy.york.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=738&MId=8436