A NORTH Yorkshire MP has said victims of flooding deserve help rather than higher insurance premiums.

Visiting residents of Tadcaster and Kirkby Wharf, who suffered flooding in 2012, Nigel Adams, MP for Selby and Ainsty, urged the Government to take action.

Nigel Adams MP for Selby and Ainsty said: “It is bad enough to be flooded, people who are victims of flooding should be helped rather than be faced with increased premiums or no insurance at all.

“While we have been very lucky locally this year because we have not suffered any major flooding it is important to make sure that we are protected for the future. Flood prevention is complex and expensive because the water has to go somewhere. Action has to be taken all year round to ensure that rivers are kept clear and flood banks are maintained in good order.”

Mr Adams said a number of his constituents who were flooded in 2012 have found their insurance premiums have increased or their insurers have said they will no longer offer cover, and said a number of schemes could help protect properties.

He said: “I would encourage any community that has suffered from flooding in the past to set up a Flood Group and to engage with the Environment Agency and with North Yorkshire County Council to get problems addressed and prevention measures in place. Prevention is better than cure.”