A NORTH Yorkshire Thalidomide victim is heading to Strasbourg for a follow-up meeting with the EU Health commissioner as part of a campaign for compensation.

Businessman Guy Tweedy, 51, from Harrogate, along with fellow campaigners Nick Dobrik and Mikey Argy, are representing the UK’s remaining 469 Thalidomide victims and will be joined by a number of MEPs for the round-table talks with Tonio Borg.

Next Tuesday’s meeting is the latest step in the Thalidomide victim’s long-running campaign for justice against Chemi Grunenthal, the German pharmaceutical company which developed the anti-morning sickness drug in the 1950s.

Last month, the delegation – who all suffer from varying degrees of deformities brought about as a direct result of their mothers taking the drug – were granted an audience with Mr Borg, following a concerted lobbying campaign of UK MEPs.

They hope to persuade Mr Borg to initiate a meeting between them, Grunenthal and the German Government.

Mr Tweedy said: “We will only stop our fight once Grunenthal, which has never paid a penny to UK, Swedish and other European victims of its ‘wonder drug’, owns up to its moral duties and compensates those its product damaged for life.”