MEET the latest cute new addition to Flamingo Land.

The little camel calf - which has not yet been named - is the daughter of theme park favourites, Abi and Baxter, and was born a week ago today.

A spokesman for the Ryedale park said: “This is Abi’s second calf and she is looking after it very well. Abi was hand reared but she still has a motherly instinct to make sure the calf is protected and suckling from her.

"The calf’s dad, Baxter, is living within the same camel house along with the rest of our camels, although they are being kept separate from Abi and her calf for a few days to give them a bit of privacy.”

The two-humped Bactrian camels originate in the Gobi desert in Asia.

Despite there being numerous domesticated camels, the Bactrian camel population is less than 1000, with around 600 individuals in China and 350 in Mongolia.

Unfortunately the population numbers are decreasing due to several threats.

Female camels only give birth around every two years, and they are pregnant for between 12 and 14 months.