A RADICAL redesign of a building dubbed York’s “worst eyesore” would save it from unnecessary demolition, a campaign group has argued.

The 1960s-built Stonebow House could be demolished depending on the decision of City of York Council, due to become sole controller of the site.

The authority has said all options for the site will be considered, and although no decisions have been taken, demolition has not been ruled out.

But the campaign group York Sustainable Development Project has argued the look of Stonebow House could be transformed with innovative design and could be changed from its current look to having a “new colourful and vibrant existence”.

It has cited the example of Hundertwasser House in Vienna, which has a facade of primary colours and balconies and rooftops covered in trees and shrubs.

The group’s chairman Gordon Mr Campbell-Thomas, who was formerly a project director of St Nicholas Fields, said: “Though the building is undoubtedly ‘ugly’ especially when compared to other buildings of greater architectural speldour and integrity in York, it still has merit in the fact that it exists.

“The use of Stonebow House can be converted into a mixture of executive and affordable apartments, restaurants, bars, and shops.

“If that was done it would revitalise that part of York, and it would provide a new entrance into that part of the Hungate development area.

“The plinth area used now for car parking could be transformed into an open garden restaurant for instance.”

The group has argued that to demolish the building would be “environmentally damaging” as energy has already been put into creating it and to destroy it would put more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

York Sustainable Development Project is a group of about 15 people set up to look at ideas for sustainable development in York. Mr Campbell-Thomas said it is due to put their ideas to the council.