A MAN in his 60s suffered serious injuries and another was also hurt in an accident at an industrial estate near York.

A delivery lorry rolled backwards and trapped two men against the wall of Marshall Art, on the Elvington Industrial Estate, shortly after 9am today. One man was airlifted to hospital by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Darren Flint, production manager, was helping unload the Tuffnells Parcel Express truck when it started rolling backwards, trapping the two men against the wall of the unit.

He said: “I just ran round, jumped in and put my foot on the brake, got back out and there was a guy on the floor screaming, trapped between the window and the other guy.

“It looked like they had tried to brace it and got stuck behind it.”

Staff at the office phoned for an ambulance, wrapped the injured men in blankets, and gave them tea until the emergency services arrived.

Paul Marshall, director of the company, which provides wholesale art items for hotels and other such customers, praised Darren’s quick thinking.

He said: “The two drivers jumped out and tried to physically stop the van and Darren had the presence of mind to run round and put the brake on.

“The first we heard of it was some shouts and the truck had rolled back. The two were trapped one on top of the other, trapped between the building and his mate. He was still talking, there was no bleeding. From what we’ve heard, he appears to be badly bruised, but they took him in the air ambulance.

“He was conscious, still talking.”

Paramedics and a rapid response ambulance were sent to the site before the air ambulance was called.

A spokeswoman for the Yorkshire Ambulance said one man suffered chest and upper body injuries in the incident.

A second man was taken to York Hospital, but the spokeswoman could not confirm his injuries.

A spokeswoman for the air ambulance confirmed one man had been airlifted to Leeds General Infirmary, and said his injuries were “very serious”.

Paul said: “We just hope the drivers’ going to be up and about in the near future.”

Tuffnells did not wish to comment.