ALL streets inside York’s walls have been declared off-limit for alcohol, except in licensed areas.

The Designated Public Place Order, also known as an Alcohol Restriction Zone, was made by City of York Council this week and means anyone found drinking alcohol in the street anywhere within the city walls can be moved by police to outside the city centre.

Under the order, police can confiscate any alcohol found on people drinking in the streets, and drinkers may be fined if they refuse to cooperate with officers.

Coun Linsay Cunningham-Cross said: “Everyone has a right to enjoy themselves but not at the expense of others and not by placing undue strain on the emergency services.”

A report ahead of the decision acknowledged 20 orders already in place on certain streets around the city had “displaced street drinkers into other locations”, particularly St Saviourgate and Pavement. But the new order will cover everywhere inside the walls and will also be enforced around York Station.

The new order has been welcomed by North Yorkshire Police, Street Angels, York Hospital, and several ward councillors and residents, and by Safer York Partnership.

Jane Mowat, director of Safer York Partnership, said: “This can only help to ensure York remains one of the safest cities in the UK.”