AUTHOR and illustrator Brenda Tyler is preparing to launch her latest book The Tomtes Of Hilltop Stream, which explores the further adventures of the Robinson family at Hilltop Farm, and the secret woodland creatures which live nearby, the Tomtes.

The creatures are part of Scandinavian folklore, like elves, who like to be helpful around the farm, but dislike anyone who damages the environment, and the latest book sees them take on a local factory which has polluted the stream at Hilltop.

Brenda, 74, grew up in the New Forest where her love of trees and woodland developed.

She now lives in the Fishergate area of York and said of her latest book: “The Tomtes always solve the problems. The river has got clogged up with rubbish, the local otter has disappeared and the water is turning green, so the children ask the Tomtes to help them clean it up.”

This is the third in the series of books which focuses on the Tomtes and the Robinson family, and will be officially launched with a reading and Tomtes party at York Explore Library and Learning Centre on February 17, from 12.30pm.

Brenda said: “In York, I have one or two children who are very thrilled and already booked in to come to the Tomtes party.

“There will be a reading of the story, and I’m making little Tomtes for the children to arrange in scenes for the story, and they can all go away with a little Tomtes baskets, which I have had made.”

Brenda, who illustrates the books herself, will be at the party, and also at a book signing at York’s Waterstones on February 20, but has been reluctant to announce a fourth book.

She said: “It’s a different ecological issue each time, so all my friends are advising me on another one, which I haven’t quite committed to.

“The publishers never tell you how well the book is selling, but the fact they accepted to do a second and third book is all I have to go on, but that must be a good sign.”

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